About free of charge of early childhood education, childcare


Since 2014, we have been implementing gradual free of charge for early childhood education and childcare, but 2019 May 10th, a law to revise a part of the Child and Child Care Support Law was enacted, and lifelong personality formation 2019 From October, some preschool education and childcare will be provided free of charge from the viewpoint of the importance of early childhood education to cultivate the foundations of and the measures to reduce the birthrate to reduce the cost burden for childrearing and education.

Target person, upper limit of free of charge, etc.

Kindergarten, nursery school, certified child institution, etc.

* All children from 3 to 5 years old are free of charge.
〇 Children from 0-year-old children to 2-year-old children who are exempted from residence tax are free of charge.
* Parents and guardians will be responsible for school transfer fees, ingredients, and event fees.
However, the first certified child of households with income tax income of 77,100 yen or less, the second certified child of households with income tax income of 57,700 yen or less (single parent households or less are 77,100 yen or less), the third of all households Sub-meal expenses (side dishes and snacks) are exempted for children 1 and 2 certified after the child.
* Children using a kindergarten that has not transitioned to the new child / child-rearing support system will pay up to 25,700 yen per month. (Application is required to receive benefits.)

Kindergarten childcare

〇 When a child using a kindergarten is certified for the need for childcare and uses custody childcare, the amount of use multiplied by 450 yen in the range of up to 11,300 yen per month, depending on the usage record I will pay you. (Application is required to receive benefits.)

Non-authorized childcare facilities

〇 Monthly fee is 37,000 yen for children from 3 to 5 years old who have been certified for the need for childcare, and are not available due to reasons such as waiting for a licensed childcare center or a certified child institution or not being opened during the time they want to use. Benefits up to (Application is required to receive benefits)
〇A child of a residence tax-exempt household from 0 to 2 years old who has been certified as needing childcare, and is used for reasons such as being not open in a licensed nursery school or a certified children's park at a waiting child or when they want to use it If you can't, you can pay up to 42,000 yen per month. (Application is required to receive benefits.)

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