High school students from all over the world gather and discuss the future-2019 SDGs High School Students Future Conference


High school students from 11 countries around the world and from outside Hokkaido will gather here in Niseko Town to discuss the future.
Based on the 17 goals of SDGs, high school students around the world deepen their understanding of the content and exchange ideas from a global perspective. Then, it is an international conference held with the purpose of bringing the common learning back to the community and being the center of activities and making them active.
Niseko Town cooperates with Niseko High School as a venue.
Niseko High School students also participate.

Date and time: Tuesday, August 6th to Thursday, August 8th, 2019
Location:Niseko Town people Center, Hilton Niseko
Conference language: English

※ of August 7 and 8 days Niseko Town Subcommittee announcement in People Center, it is anyone can visit, hearing.

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