About inspection of change plan of Niseko Town agriculture promotion area maintenance plan


Niseko Town We will review the proposed changes to the Agricultural Promotion Area Development Plan based on the provisions of Article 11 (1) and Articles 13 (1) and 4 of the Act on the Improvement of Agricultural Promotion Areas as follows.

(1) Period of general inspection, written opinion presentation procedure
June 21 to July 4 of the first 2019 (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
(2) Submission place, inquiry of general inspection place, opinion book
Niseko Town Hall Agricultural Administration Section
(3) Publication of examination result of opinion
It will be published after the inspection period is over
(4) Plan proposal
(5) Summary of draft plan
Based on the "Law on the Development of the Agricultural Promotion Area", the Agricultural Promotion Area Development Plan will be roughly once in five years
I will review. The plan aims to conserve and manage excellent farmland in order to promote agricultural
The purpose is to use. Natural conditions of land, usage trends, future prospects of regional population and industry, etc.
Conservation and formation of agricultural areas with the necessary conditions for modernization of agriculture while
In addition to promoting sound development of agriculture by systematically promoting measures for promotion,
We will promote rational use.

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