Opinion exchange meeting on the rebuilding of the Nishitomi district townspeople center (3rd) will be held


Regarding the Nishitomi district townspeople center, it was constructed in 1974 and 40 years passed, and as a result of seismic diagnosis, we found that it is difficult in terms of function to ensure earthquake resistance by refurbishment. The parking lot of this center is also designated as an evacuation site and we would like to promote improvement as soon as possible from the standpoint of disaster prevention (planned for implementation in FY2003, construction planned for FY1991).
For the future, we hold an opinion exchange meeting as follows. Since advance application is unnecessary, please do not hesitate to visit.
"Opinion exchange meeting on rebuilding Nishitomi district townspeople center (3rd)"
One day Heisei 20 (Tue) 18: 00 ~

2 Places Nishitomi District Machi Center

3 Contents
(1) About rebuilding overview
(2) About the planning plan (draft)
(3) Opinion Exchange
(4) Other

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