Niseko Eco Night Cafe - "Cool Choice" Renewable Energy in the Region ~

Sightseeing and event information

Why do not you spend the night at the Eco Night Cafe?
One night's cafe will be opened in Niseko Central Warehouse Group.
Now, you also enjoy drinks and snacks in various fields while you taste
Why do not you listen to interesting and eco friendly stories from people?
This time we are inviting regional revitalization by natural energy, documentary movie "richness" in the future era screening "mild revolution" screening and guest Kei Susuke working on natural energy in Furano.
Do not you think it would be better to enrich the life of the area with energy that can be procured in their area? By utilizing the regional resources, we will see local efforts circulating, vibrancy, initiatives leading to measures against global warming with "movies" and "talks".
Date: November 11 (Sunday) 13: 30 ~ (Film screening 14: 05 -, 17: 10 ~, Talk 16: 00 ~)
Place: Niseko Station Central Warehouse Group 1 Warehouse
問合先:ニセコ町役場 企画環境課 環境モデル都市推進係 TEL:0136-44-2121(内線133)
Organizer: Niseko Eco Night Cafe Consortium (Niseko Town, Hokkaido Environmental Foundation)
Cooperation:Niseko Town Environmental Council, Radio Niseko, Niseko Central Warehouse Group

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