About fire prevention campaign in autumn


From October 15 (Monday) to October 31 (Wednesday), we will do a fire prevention campaign in fall.
Fire prevention parade will be held in the urban area from 10:00 on October 15 (Monday) on the first day of the fire prevention campaign.
The purpose of this exercise is to prevent the occurrence of fire by aiming to further disseminate the fire prevention idea of ​​the townspeople as it comes to the season when the fire is likely to occur due to the use of heating appliances etc. It aims to reduce the occurrence of dead and to prevent property loss.
Unification slogan "Is not you forgetting?

A balloon present! ! !
A fire balloon will be presented to preschool children at the Niseko Town Industrial Festival venue from around 11:00 on October 13 (Sat). * Please come as soon as the number is limited

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