Notice of Niseko Environment Evaluation Association "Tour of Solar Panel Tour"


At the Niseko Environmental Evaluation Meeting, we organized a tour to visit homes that actually installed solar power generation in Niseko Town and hear about power generation and advice.
Want to install a solar panel, why do not you talk directly to those who are concerned about the amount of power generation and cost, who are interested in photovoltaic power generation, from the installer.
Niseko Town without a people can join. Participation is free. Please feel free to apply.
【Date and time】 September 29 (Sat), 13: 15 - 16: 30
【Application deadline】 September 27 (Thu)
【Tour Schedule】
13:15 Niseko Town citizens center set ※ move rode in the passenger car of the participants
13: 30 ~ Roof installation type (character Arijima)
14: 30 ~ off grid type (character Kondo)
15: 30 ~ off grid type (letter Fukui)
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