Announcement of Obirame's Association "The Shirator River of the Bakumatsu Bought by Takeiro"


At Obirame 's meeting, I will hold a study group to think about the future of Rishiribetsukawa while touching the description such as "Shiribetsu diary" left by Mr. Takeshiro Matsuura, a Japanese explorer of the 19th century. For details, please see the leaflet.
【Date and time】 September 22 (Sat) Heisei 13, 30 - 15: 30
[Location]Niseko Town residents Center
【Organizer】 Obirame's Association for thinking about the future of Abashiri River
【Support】 Shimoshi Regional Biodiversity Council
For inquiries: Secretariat of Oshilami Association who thinks about the future of Abashiri River
Telephone: 090-8279-8605
"Fushigawa river at the end of the Tokugawa shake which Takeiro followed" Flyer

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