We will inform you of the opening date change of the 6th Niseko town council regular meeting in Heisei 30th.


Regular meeting hosting requirements

Because of the earthquake and the power outage accompanying it, we changed the opening date of the September regular meeting.
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 10: 00
13th to 18th will be closed, scheduled for general questions on 19th
Place: Niseko-cho town office 2 floor section
See below for details

Appeal case

Committee report No. 1: Report on the results of the jurisdictional investigation (General Affairs Standing Committee)
Petition 2: Resolving and expanding education budgets, including eliminating "poverty of children" and enrollment guarantee, compulsory education expenses national treasury burden
Stabilizing the system · Restoring to the 1/2 burden rate, eliminating teachers' full-time and busyness · "Under 30 classes"
Petition for realization (Hokkaido Teachers Association Shinki Branch Niseko Branch Association Chairperson Ikeda)
Report No. 1: Report on a case dealt with exclusive decision (About settlement and determination of amount of damages)
Report No. 2: Report on Heisei era judgment soundness and financial shortage ratio in FY2004
Certification No. 1: About Niseko town accounting revenue and expenditure account settlement accounting in Heisei 50
Proposal No. 1: Appointment of Niseko Town Board of Education
Proposal No. 2: Ordinance revising a part of ordinance concerning remuneration of staff (hereinafter, explanation of reason for proposal)
Proposal No. 3: Ordinance revising part of the Niseko Town National Health Insurance Ordinance
Proposal No. 4: Ordinance revising part of Niseko townscape ordinance
Proposal No. 5: Niseko Town General Accounting Compensation Budget for Heisei 30

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