The 172th town planning lecture "About the policies of the new government building implementation design" will be held!


The new building construction basic design was completed on March 20, 1940, but there was still a problem of "reducing the area" in order to reduce the construction cost.
On April 18, we concluded a contract with the atelier bank, which carried out the basic design work, "Outsourcing Contract for New Government Building Construction Design", and discussed the issue of "Reduction in Area" at the New Government Building Construction Review Committee and the Working Group It was.
In this townspeaker lecture, we will explain the explanation of the basic design reduced to "3700 square meters → 3300 square meters" while maintaining and developing the basic design function, and the policy of future implementation design.
Please come by all means.
Date and timeJuly 17 (Tue) 18: 30 - 20: 00
VenueNiseko Town citizens center second floor training room 1
Application methodNo advance application required, please come directly to the venue