March 4th 30 years Niseko Town Parliament regular meetings, make the general question


2018. 4th Niseko Town in Parliament regular meeting, do the general question.
This time there are 12 questions from seven lawmakers. On the evening of the day, we will record broadcasts of general questions at radio Niseko.

About Parliament regular meeting

Date and time: From June 10, Wednesday, June 20,
Place:Niseko Town Hall 2F

Representative name and question subject

Representative Ichiroku Ichiro

(1) About future measures to reduce population

Representative Masao Shinohara

(2) Development of infrastructure for firefighting activities

Representative Julem Saito

(3) Concerning both the Christian era and the era
(4) About "Children's Restaurant" again
(5) About child rearing support
(6) Diversity of sex To LGBT ~ SOGI (Sogi)
(7)Niseko Town for foreign language signs in

Representative of Yuzo Aoba

(8) About "Maintenance around Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum"

Masaki Takeuchi Congressman

(9) About maintenance of public housing

Mr. Noriaki Mitani

(10) About the actions of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry concerning the energy lecture of Niseko High School
(11) Influence of abolition of the Seed Law

Yuzo Kinoshita Congressman

(12) About housing lodging business law (municipal corporation law)
Radio broadcasting: Wednesday, June 20 (Wed) from 20 o'clock
You can also ask about it on a personal computer. Please watch from the following.

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