The 24 th Niseko town environmental council is to be held

The 24th Niseko town environmental council is to be held as follows.
This council is open to the public based on the town development basic ordinance, so anyone can listen to it. If you wish to listen, please come to the venue directly.

Hosting requirements

date and time. Place

Date and time: about 2 hours from 14:30 on January 23 (Tuesday)
Place: Niseko Town Office 2F Floor Liaison Office


(1) Reported matter
  • Major environmental initiatives taken from October to December 2007
(2) Items to be discussed
  • Progress status of introduction of equipment, such as reengineering to the new government building
  • Questionnaire survey on local new electric power · Case study tour
  • Energy diagnosis for tourism operators, site tours
  • About geothermal development understanding promotion project etc.

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