Otaru University of Commerce COC Symposium "Does the University of Commerce Become Regional Universities?"

Otaru University of Commerce establishes a large number of community-oriented educational research projects as a regional educational research base in the global era, and is also working on educational reform to encourage students to understand the region.
In this symposium, I will look back on the results of the activities of the university so far and think of the university as a base for regional revitalization, with the local people.
We are waiting for the participation of many of you.

Hosting requirements

  • Date and time: From February 20 (Tue) 13:00 to 16:30 (Heisei 12 o'clock) on Heisei 30
  • Venue: Otaru Civic Center Marine Hall
  • Address: 2 - chome 13 - 5, Kaori in Otaru City
  • Capacity: 150 people (Please confirm the leaflet for the application method.)

For details, please see the following leaflet.

Application / Inquiry

Otaru University of Commerce Planning Strategy Division Regional Cooperation Strategy Section

Street address
Otaru City Green 3 - chome 5 No. 21
Otaru University of Commerce

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