About inspection of Niseko Town land development fund regulations revision plan

Niseko Town Land Development Fund has been established to ensure the smooth execution of business by acquiring in advance the fund for land for public or public use or land that needs to be acquired for public interest.
We operate than establishment in 1974, and balance of Niseko Town land development fund of the end of 2016 is 205,560,864 yen (including cash 87,524,878 yen, land 118,035,874 yen, and 479,485.65 square meters).
From the current status of the Fund and the necessity of acquiring the land in the town in the future and trends in the land purchase price, we will amend the amount of the fund specified by the Ordinance from 25.5 million yen to 100 million yen.
In addition, based on the fact that the balance of funds, which was 8 million yen at the time of establishment of the ordinance, now amounts to more than 200 million yen due to fund management and the accumulation from town accounts, the funds disposition We will revise it because it is necessary to set provisions on disposal when implementing procedures to reduce the amount of taxes and reduce the amount to the town account).
Regarding the above revised contents, we will solicit opinions based on the provisions of Article 54 of the Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development.

Name to be revised

Revision point

· Changing the amount of funds 25.5 million yen to 100 million yen
· Addition of regulations on disposal of fund

Overland period

From Monday, November 20, Heisei 30 th November 30 th, Heisei 30 th

Plant introduction place

Niseko Town Office General Affairs Section, Homepage

Opinion acceptance period

From Monday, November 20, Heisei 30 th November 30 th, Heisei 30 th

Submission destination of opinion

Scheduled December 1st (Friday) Heisei 30

Publication of submitted opinions

Niseko Town Hall General Affairs Division Finance Section

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