Niseko Town vacant houses, etc. about recruitment of committee members

In the town, we will formulate a plan for measures such as empty houses, etc. to prepare a system of initiatives for various problems such as management and utilization of vacant houses which has been increasing in recent years and removal of abandoned houses, and to promote vacancy and other measures.
Therefore we raise committees of development committee to examine contents of "measures plan such as Niseko Town unoccupied houses".
  • Those who can speak a wide range of opinions on the housing policy of the town qualification town
  • Application deadline Until November 29 (Wednesday) Heisei 30
  • Up to 2 people for recruitment
    If the number of applicants exceeds 2, we will make a lottery by lottery and decide.
  • No compensation, etc.
  • Conference scheduled Number of meetings to be held once or twice by January, Heisei 30.
The first round is planned around the beginning of December.
  • Niseko Town Office Construction Section City Planning Section Asai, Kanazawa

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