Niseko Town vacant houses, etc. about inspection and solicitation of measures plan (draft)

In the town, we will formulate a plan for measures such as empty houses, etc. to prepare a system of initiatives for various problems such as management and utilization of vacant houses which has been increasing in recent years and removal of abandoned houses, and to promote vacancy and other measures.
For that reason, we are looking for wider opinions about this plan (draft). Please send your opinion to the following (even if you have inquiries about uncertainties).

About opinion recruitment

When you come to the direct office to come to the office

Please inform the building floor 1st floor, the construction department urban planning staff (in charge: Asai or Kanazawa) directly.
In case of absence please inform the construction department.

If you would like to comment via telephone or e-mail

Please give us a call or e-mail to the above staff.

Opinion recruitment period

February 9 (Fri) to February 20 (Tue)
The opinions received for the plan (draft) will be posted on the website, including answers, since February 23 (Friday) (the name will not be announced).
In addition, we will respond directly to opinions received from mail, telephone, visiting agency etc.

Contact Us

For in-depth and opinion recruitment, please contact below.
Niseko Town Office Construction Section Urban Planning Section
Officer: Chief, Asii Rioto, Chief, Kanazawa Reiji

Working hours: 8:30 to 17:15

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