Niseko Express run-train service begins

"Niseko Express" which began commercial operation in December 1983 was to retire in November, Heisei 29.
Thank you so much for your long-term use, we will drive as LASTRAN for three days as follows between Sapporo and Ranpei.
  • Operating period Sunday, October 29, Sunday, November 3 (Fri), November 4 (Saturday)
  • Organization 183 series 5000 generation 3-car train formation) Capacity 152 people
  • Operating section Sapporo, Otaru, Yoichi, Kutchan, Niseko, Kombu, Odori
  • Driving time up
Sapporo 7:53 Otaru 8:40 Ding Town 9:07 Ring Kutchan 10: 25 Niseko arriving 11: 00 Round kelp 11: 34 Destination Orchid Gift 11: 44 arriving
Kutchan 14: 19 Niseko 14: 41 Kelp departing 14: 53 Lonely Planet 15: 01 arriving
  • Driving time down
Lantern 12: 24 Kelp 12: 34 from Niseko 12: 52 Kutchan 14:19 arrived
Ranetsu 15: 10 Kelp from 15: 20 Niseko 15: 38 Departure Kutchan 16:00 Departure Market 17: 15 Otaru 17: 50 Sapporo 18: 42 arrival
In Niseko Town, the following three events will be held to commemorate the Niseko Express last run.

Lost-run official event

We offer free tea from Rupiah (Niseko blend) and liquor of Kuran to those who came to see us off the last flight (departure at 15:38). Niseko special product sales are also available, Nicky and Anikki will also appear. Also a speech by the Mayor and a bouquet will be given to conductor and driver.
  • Date and time: November 4 (Sat) 15: 00-16: 00
  • Location: JR Niseko Station

Niseko Express Memories Photography Exhibition

We recruit pictures of memories with a bunch of Niseko Express. Please send me the memories of the body of the Niseko Express. The photos will be on display at Niseko Station and Kikunanu from Saturday, October 28th.
  • Application requirements: Size is 4 inches or less A4 or less. Color, regardless of monochrome. Film photographs are accepted only after development. In the case of mailing, it can not be returned. If you wish to return the photo, please bring it directly to the office. After copying, we will return it.
  • Application deadline: Monday, October 16
  • How to apply: (1) Name (2) Age and gender (3) Address (4) Contact information (5) Work name (6) Shooting date and place (optional) (7) Work description (up to 100 characters) Above, please send to Niseko Town Office Commerce and Industry Tourism Division. (Shipping cost)
  • Display location: JR Niseko Station, Kyokunoh
  • Exhibition period: Saturday, October 28 to Sunday, December 24

Niseko special product sales

We will sell Niseko special products at Niseko station home. Nicky will also appear.
  • Date and time: 11 o'clock to 12 o'clock each day
  • Place: JR Niseko Station No. 1 Home
Everyone, please participate in "Niseko Express" LASTRAN look forward to seeing you.

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