The 37th small hometown fireworks display held on August 5

Niseko Town's summer event, "The 37th Small Hometown Fireworks Festival."

This fireworks festival, which started with fireworks by volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce, has become an event that you can enjoy abundant outbuildings such as various stages going on stage, playing long ago, spaces that you can play with snow in the midsummer, making lanterns, etc. with the cooperation of many people It is. Of course, there is time to enjoy children's fireworks, and we can enjoy small children.

Also, the skyrocketed fireworks decorating the end of the event, even if you know it is surprisingly powerful.
We are waiting for a lot of everyone's visit.

Date and time

Start of event at 14 o'clock on Saturday, August 5, 2017
The skyrocket is from around 20 o'clock. When rainy we will postpone the next day.


Niseko Town Sports Park
Detailed event information has also been updated on the Executive Committee Secretariat (Niseko Town Commerce and Industry Association Youth Club) Facebook, so please check it.
Small homeless fireworks festival

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