[Tourist Facility Information] Winter Closure Notice 2016 (Niseko Campsite, Niseko Town Goshiki Onsen Information Center)

I heard the footsteps of winter at Niseko.
The Niseko Annupuri camping site `` Niseko Campsite '' and ``Niseko Town Goshiki Onsen Information Center '', which were used by many people this season, will be closed in winter as follows. ,Thank you.
  • Niseko Camp Site ... Closed from Friday 28th (Open from 27th October (Thursday))
  • Niseko Town Goshiki Onsen Information Center ... Closed from Tuesday, November 1 (Closed on Monday, October 31)
Please note that it will be impossible to use the toilet and water scoop during the closing period. Regarding the start of use next year, it will be after the thaw of spring (around June), so thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please drop in! Tourist info information

There are plentiful Niseko special products, agricultural products direct selling place, light snack corner, Niseko's familiar sightseeing spot.
There is also a tourist information office, so leave Niseko here. Of course it is open in winter as well.
There is also a wide parking lot directly opposite JR Niseko Station, and after skiing, it is recommended to relax tiredness slowly in hot springs.
There is a coin-operated laundry with a dryer and it is very convenient.

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