【Flower information】 Golden week is going to see flowers to Niseko! (Sakuragaoka Park Katakuri, Sakura information in town)

At "Sakuragaoka Park", which is located in front of JR Niseko Station, Katakuri and Ezoengosaku dye the hill with vivid pink or purple.
It is likely that it will be around the second half of the Golden Week.
Inside the town, the buds (buds) of cherry blossoms began to pink, and if warm days continue, flowering can be expected during the Golden Week.
Feel a refreshing spring, why do not you come and visit Niseko that flowers bloom by all means Golden Week.
Cherry blossoms in front of Niseko Town Hall (around noon on May 2)

Major tourist facilities information

There are plentiful Niseko special products, agricultural products direct selling place, light snack corner, Niseko's familiar sightseeing spot.
There is also a tourist information office, so leave Niseko here.
Aspara has started to appear in direct sales.
There is also a large parking lot directly opposite the station, and after walking, it is recommended to relax tiredness slowly at the hot springs.
The events such as event baths and flea markets are also held with interests.
Also, on April 30, a nice bakery bakery "Mai-Torie" opened in the facility.

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