Tourist information office in Niseko station moved

The tourist information office of Niseko station moved to the waiting room on April 20, 2016 and opened.
The guide staff will also be increased, and will be reborn into a fulfilling tourist information office.
Customers wishing to have Niseko information and brochures please feel free to visit the new tourist office.
Tourist information office in Niseko station

Station surrounding information

Self-roasted coffee, herbal tea, homemade sweets, specialty nupuri curry are recommended.
There is also a popular lunch menu at Italian Izakaya directly operated by local Oomichi farm.
There is also a large parking lot directly opposite the station, and after walking, it is recommended to relax tiredness slowly at the hot springs.
You can purchase special products and souvenirs without using hot springs.
Also, on April 30, a baked baker will open in the facility. Please come and visit us.

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For Niseko tourist information, please contact Niseko Resort Tourist Association.
JR Niseko Station Tourist Information Office (Niseko Resort Tourist Association Inc.)

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