【Facility Information】 Notice of Winter Closure (Niseko Camp Site, Niseko Town Goshiki Hot Spring Information Center)

The autumn leaves also arrived at the end of Niseko, and the footsteps of winter finally came to be heard.
Thank you very much for using this season for everyone. Niseko Annupuri's camping site "Niseko Camp Site" and "Niseko Town Goshiki Hot Spring Information Center" are closed in winter as follows. Next year's opening will be in early June although it depends on snow melting conditions.
· Niseko campsite ... closed from Thursday, 29th (Thu) until closing (open until Wednesday 28th)
· Niseko Town Goshiki Hot Spring Information Center ... Closed from Sunday, November 1 (Sunday, October 31)

Please be careful

Note 1: The fence of the observation deck of Goshiki Onsen is partially removed during the winter season (scheduled for removal on Thursday, October 29).
Note 2: During the closing period, you will not be able to use the toilet or water scoop.

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