Announcement of “Niseko Town Household Price Escalation Emergency Support Benefit Taxed Only in Perpetual Rate”


In Niseko Town, based on the national decision (comprehensive economic measures to completely overcome deflation), we will provide "Price Rising Emergency Support Benefit" (100,000 yen per household) to households that are only taxed at the per capita rate of resident tax. To do.

2023 residence tax taxable only per capita household price rise emergency support fund


Households that meet all of the following payment requirements
(1) Must be registered as a resident in Niseko Town on the reference date (December 1 2023).
(2) Households in which all members of the household are not subject to 2023 resident tax rate, and at least one person is subject to the resident tax per capita rate (Households taxed only on per capita basis

■However, if any of the following apply, you will not be eligible.
(1) Household consisting only of dependent relatives of the person who is subject to resident tax
(2) Households with someone who moved in from outside Japan after January 2 2023
(3) Households where there is a member of the household who has income subject to resident tax but has not declared it.
(4) Households with someone who has reported exemption from resident tax based on a tax treaty
(5) Households where someone in the household is already receiving a benefit of 100,000 yen (or 70,000 yen) from another municipality
(6) Households that changed their resident tax declaration details and were subject to the resident tax income percentage

Payment amount

100,000 yen per household(Additional 50,000 yen for each child under 18 years old)

Payment procedures, etc.

■A payment notice will be sent to those eligible for payment. (Sent in mid-March)
If you wish to decline receiving benefits or change your payment account, please contact Niseko Town Hall Health and Welfare Division.
[Payment date] It is stated in the notification.

■If a household requires confirmation of account information among those eligible for payment, or if there are people in the household who have not filed, a payment requirements confirmation form will be sent to them. (Sent in mid-March)
Please fill out the necessary information and return it by the stated date.
[Payment date] Payment will be made approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the town receives and examines the application.
■Households whose tax status cannot be determined in Niseko Town (such as those who moved to Niseko Town after January 2, R5)
You will need to submit an application.
[Submission deadline] Until May 31, 2020
[Payment date] Payment will be made approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the town receives and examines the application.

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