We will hold a briefing session for Sukima part-time service "Timey" operators.


Niseko Town and Kutchan Town are leading companies in the industry, operating Sukima Baito services nationwide.
Last year, we concluded a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Timey Co., Ltd.
We are moving forward with initiatives to counter local labor shortages and promote diverse work styles.

For more information about our efforts with Timey and its services, please see
Please see the town website "Diverse Work Styles" below.

As the number of businesses using services and registered residents of the town increases,
To secure workers before agricultural work gets into full swing
We will hold an information session for agricultural businesses.

Also, after the busy winter tourist season,
We will hold a briefing session for more effective future use at accommodation facilities, etc.

Date and time: March 26, 2020 14:00~ For businesses already using the service
16:00~ Mainly for agricultural businesses
*All sessions are approximately 60 minutes, and non-agricultural business operators can also participate in the sessions starting from 16:00.
Location:Niseko Town residents Center Great Hall
Description: Timey Co., Ltd. (face-to-face)
Participation: Free * Businesses in the Niseko area can participate
Application: not required


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