Notice of emergency support benefit (additional amount) for rising prices of electricity, gas, food, etc. 2023


In light of the increased burden caused by soaring prices, Niseko Town is offering the ``Emergency Support Benefit for Emerging Prices of Electricity, Gas, Food, etc.'' (one household 70,000 yen).


Eligible households

Inhabitant tax tax-exempt households 2023
As of December 1 2023, you are registered as a resident in Niseko Town, and as of the same date, all households on juminhyo (certificate of residence) are exempt from paying per capita resident tax 2023 or are receiving welfare benefits. household

■However, if any of the following apply, you will not be eligible.
(1) Household consisting only of dependent relatives of the person who is subject to resident tax
(2) Households with someone who moved in from outside Japan after January 2 2023
(3) Households where there is a member of the household who has income subject to resident tax but has not declared it.
(4) Households with someone who has reported exemption from resident tax based on a tax treaty
(5) Households where someone in the household is already receiving a 70,000 yen benefit from another municipality
(6) Households that changed their resident tax declaration and were taxed

*(1) and (2) are requirements that were not present when the 30,000 yen benefit was implemented from June to October 2023, so even households that received 30,000 yen will not receive the current benefit. may not apply.
*If, after submitting the confirmation form, it is determined that the applicant does not meet the requirements for receiving benefits, the benefits will not be paid.

Payment amount

70,000 yen per household

Procedure/application method

■From late January 2020, we will send a “Payment Requirements Confirmation” etc. to households that are considered eligible for the payment.
When you receive the "Payment Requirements Confirmation", please check the contents (payment requirements, bank transfer address, etc.) and return it in the enclosed return envelope by March 29, 2020.

■Households whose tax status cannot be determined in Niseko Town (including those who moved to Niseko Town after January 2, R5)
Households that meet the payment requirements but have not received the above "Payment Requirements Confirmation" will need to submit the application form below.

Application deadline

Until Friday, March 29, 2020

time of payment

After the town receives and examines the application form, the payment will be made within 3 to 4 weeks.


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