<Roadside Station Niseko View Plaza> Demonstration experiment utilizing digital technology


Niseko Town, it was adopted by Hokkaido's new business "New Hokkaido Style Digital Innovation Program", and in collaboration with AWL Co., Ltd., a start-up company originating in Hokkaido, an edge AI camera was used at Roadside Station Niseko View Plaza. We will conduct a demonstration experiment.
Demonstration period: November 22, 2022 to February 28, 2023 (planned)
Demonstration place: Michi-no-Eki Niseko View Plaza
Number of installations: 3 edge AI cameras
Efforts: Edge AI cameras perform video analysis and tabulate and visualize facility usage status.
In addition, we will promote efforts to improve the satisfaction of facility users by utilizing the analyzed and aggregated data.
* The following attribute information is acquired by the edge AI camera
・Gender, Age
・Stay time
In addition, the video data will be discarded after analysis on the camera terminal.
In addition, the above attribute information is not information that can identify individuals

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<About the New Hokkaido Style Digital Innovation Program>
As the response to the COVID-19 is prolonged, there is a demand for lifestyle changes by advocating the "New Hokkaido Style" as well as business style changes in anticipation of with-corona and after-corona.
In Hokkaido, in order to ensure the continuation and development of business and secure opportunities even in the face of these changes, we are trying to match local governments and business operators in Hokkaido with various problems and start-up companies that will lead to problem solving. We support experiments. In addition, this "New Hokkaido Style Digital Innovation Program" promotes the spread of business style innovation throughout Hokkaido by visualizing its efforts.


<About partner companies (from AWL Inc. website)>

AWL Co., Ltd. develops and provides AI camera solutions for solving problems and improving value of retail stores with multinational members from about 20 countries. Our strength is that we can provide AI functions at a level that can be used in actual business at a low price through repeated demonstration experiments at stores through a tie-up with "Satsudora", a drug store chain in Hokkaido.

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