Niseko Town We are looking for opinions on the climate change adaptation policy (draft).

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In recent years, the effects of climate change, such as rising temperatures, increasing torrential rains, changes in crop yields and quality, increased health risks such as heat stroke, and changes in snowfall, have gradually affected our lives. It's done.
Niseko Town Climate Change Adaptation Policy" (draft) to clarify Honmachi's way of thinking in dealing with climate change so that such impacts can be mitigated as much as possible and the lives and industries can be sustained in the future. ) Is summarized.
We are soliciting opinions on this policy (draft).
We look forward to hearing from you.
○ General inspection and opinion solicitation period From February 26th (Friday) to March 17th (Wednesday), 2021
○ Inspection location Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division, Niseko Town Homepage
○ Opinion submission destination Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division
○意見提出方法      持参又は郵送
             〒048-1595 虻田郡ニセコ町字富士見47番地
Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division (* Postmark is valid on the day of mail)
○ the publication of the opinion 2021 to March 19, in prospect, office planning Environment Division and Niseko Town Homepage
Will be done at.
○ Inquiries Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division Eco-Model City Promotion Section Sasaki, Kashiwagi
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* What is climate change?
The site "Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform" operated by the National Institute for Environmental Studies provides easy-to-understand introductions to frequently asked questions and simple questions regarding climate change.
Global warming climate change adaptation that Coco wants to know

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