We are Niseko Town Forest Vision Development Committee"

Jobs & Volunteering

Niseko Town, aiming to improve the regional economic cycle in order to enrich the region, we are currently studying the construction of a regional processing and procurement system centered on timber.
In this initiative, a basic survey was conducted in FY2019, and it was shown that it is necessary to determine the value of forests Niseko Town
Therefore, we will set up a committee to deliberate on the formulation of a "forest vision" that shows how forests should be created Niseko Town
We are recruiting townspeople who can participate in the committee as members. We are looking forward to your application.

Activities: (tentative name) Deliberation for the formulation of Niseko Town
Activities Times: 2020 plans to about 2 times the degree of (scheduled for around the end of December the 1st)
Application requirements: Those who live in the town (have a juminhyo (certificate of residence)) and are over 15 years old
(Excluding town hall staff and parliamentarians.)
Number of applicants: Up to 2 people
Recruitment period: November 24th (Tuesday) 2020
How to apply: Please fill out the application form below and apply by fax or email.
Others: The selection will be made based on the content of the application form and the interview with the person in charge.
Even if it is less than the capacity due to the composition of the committee, the balance between men and women, the purpose of installation, etc.
It may not be selected. Please note.

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