We raise members of " Eco-Model City promotion Committee"

Jobs & Volunteering

Niseko Town, in the "2nd Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan" (established in March 2019), we have set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 86% compared to 2015 by 2050. However, based on this plan, we have established the " Eco-Model City Promotion Committee" to discuss specific measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote economic activity.
This year, we will consider the energy-saving performance of buildings and the introduction of renewable energy equipment (equipment such as solar panels and geothermal heat pumps) when newly building or reconstructing buildings such as houses, business establishments, and stores. We are planning to consider the construction of a new system that obliges employees to do so.
Therefore, we are looking for people to join this committee as members. We look forward to your application.

【Qualification requirements】
  • Niseko Town within are registered residents, or Niseko Town are working in, people over 20 years old (2020 of June 1.)
  • Those who are interested in prevention of global warming and energy saving of buildings and can attend this committee held 2-3 times a year
  • ニセコ町職員又はニセコ町議会議員でない方(過去に町職員又は町議会議員であった方を含みます。)
[Number of people invited]
2 years from the date of appointment
【Application method】
Please fill in the necessary items on the application form (back side) and apply by bringing, mailing, faxing or e-mail.
[Application deadline]
2020 June 15 (Mon) ※ In the case of mailing postmark on the envelope, the other no later than o'clock deadline day 17 in the case of.
Please note that an interview may be requested by a person in charge.
(Basically, the selection will be based on the content of the application form.) The results of the selection will be announced at a later date.