Selection of contractor

Wanted information

About implementation of open call for participants type proposal (public notice)
 Niseko Town, when a building is newly built or rebuilt, the design / construction company provided information to the owner regarding the energy-saving performance of the building and the introduction of renewable energy equipment, and the result of the owner's examination based on that information. Is under consideration for the construction of a system that requires notification to the town.
In order to smoothly consider the introduction of renewable energy equipment, we will select a contractor by the open call for participants type proposal method in order to develop a manual that clearly shows the necessary basic knowledge and introduction procedure.

■ Business name   
Supporting the establishment of a manual for building renewable energy equipment
■ Participation announcement
Please submit the following documents by 4:00 pm (Must arrive) on Thursday 2020 April 30, 2019.
We will approve your participation based on the submitted documents.
For details on participation, please check the following materials.
【Documents to be submitted】
・ Open call for participants type proposal participation expression (* word download from below)
・ Pledge (* Download word from below)
・ Certificate of registration (within 3 months after issuance)
■ Planning proposal
For details on submitting the proposal, we will contact the approved company separately.

■ Material
* Download PDF below
■ Inquiries and submission destinations
Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division Eco-Model City Promotion Section (Person in charge: Sasaki, Kashiwagi)
Address: 47, Fujimi, Niseko Town Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, 048-1501
Telephone 0136-44-2121 (133 of them)
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