About recruitment of evaluation committee for agriculture committee selection

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Because election method of agriculture committee was changed from past election system and appointment system to appointment system by the mayor by revision of law about agriculture committees, we raise evaluation committees to evaluate agriculture committee and select .
1 recruitment content
(1) Number of applicants: 4 (general townspeople)
(2) Term (planned) 2020 From March 1st to 2020 July 30th (5 months)
(3) Reward 7,000 yen once
(4) Transportation expenses paid according to Niseko Town standards
(5) Number of meetings The conference will be held about 2 to 4 times between March and April. Depending on the situation, the number of times may be reduced.
(6) Public affairs accidents Injuries or illnesses on public affairs shall be compensated as provided by the Hokkaido Municipal General Affairs Association.
2 Main business contents
・ Attend the agricultural committee candidate evaluation selection committee.
・ With the selection of agricultural committee candidates, we evaluate the candidates.
・ We make agriculture committee candidate list and report to the mayor.
3 Application method
Please refer to the recruitment guide below, fill in the required information on the application form, and submit it by bringing, mailing or e-mail within the application period.
* If you bring your application, please submit it between 8:30 am and 5:15 pm on weekdays.
* In the case of mailing, the postmark by February 21 is valid.
* The application period may be extended depending on the application status. If it is extended, it will be announced on the Niseko Town official website.
4 Application form
In addition to distributing in the government office agricultural administration section (agricultural administration section), you can also download from the following.
5 Reception period
2020 From February 3 (Monday) to February 21 (Friday) [Must arrive]
6 Selection method
The contents of the application will be scrutinized and the mayor will select. If you are selected as an evaluation committee member, you will be notified by phone and letter.
※ As detailed contents can explain in government office agricultural administration section during offer period, please feel free to contact.

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