It recruits "Niseko town self-government creation meeting" committee members

Wanted information

In Niseko Town, we have secured community leaders from both inside and outside of the country as population declines throughout the country, and we are working on “self-government creation” aiming at a local community where “all residents think and act for the community” is.
In March 2016, we formulated the “Niseko Town Autonomous Creation Strategy” and are currently implementing each measure by the town democratic body.
This meeting is based on the “Niseko Town Self-Government Creation Strategy” based on the transparency, objectivity and fairness of evaluations based on indicators and numerical targets, together with third-party members such as academic experts outside the town. It is set up to discuss the progress of initiatives (follow-up) and discuss the direction of the next strategy.
We invite public participation of townspeople who can participate in committee as committee. We look forward to your application.
[Activity] Deliberation for the creation of self-government in Niseko Town
(Follow-up of “Niseko Town Self-government Creation Strategies”, discussion on direction for next strategy, etc.)

[Number of activities] Scheduled to be several times within the retirement year (next time: scheduled for September 25)

[Application Requirements] Those who are 15 years or older who meet the following 1 or 2 requirements
1 The person or family lives in the town (has a resident card)
2 The place of work or school is located in the town
(Excluding town hall staff and parliamentarians.)

[Number of applicants] Maximum 5 people

[Recruitment period] August 26 (Monday)-September 11 (Wednesday)

[How to apply] Please fill in the application form and apply by contact, fax or email.

[Others] Selection will be made based on the contents of the application form and interview with the person in charge.


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