About recruitment of staff in Niseko Town after school for children (recruitment)

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The Board of Education conducts after-school children's classes every Monday and Friday as a place where children (first to sixth graders) can gather safely and securely after school and have hands-on activities, learning, and play. However, we are looking for a staff member as a safety manager to support these activities. Although we were recruiting in July but there was no application, please apply actively.

実 施 Execution place Niseko child hall the second floor
実 施 Execution time Every Monday and Friday (twice a week) ※ Holiday is closed.
One day of school 13:30 to 17:30
9:30 to 12:30 on the day the school is closed for transfer
活動 Activity contents Planning, operation and support for the following activities
・ Voluntary study such as homework, story-telling of picture book, work, play such as light sports
・ Time to speak English every Monday and international cultural exchange (international exchange member cooperation)
・ Radio Niseko appearance, visit to Arishima Memorial Hall, etc.
謝 Reward We will give a ¥ 850 per hour reward.
募集 One recruitment staff
◇ Application period September 6 (Friday)-September 20 (Friday)
◇ How to apply Fill out your resume and submit it to Niseko Town General Gymnasium, Niseko Town Board of Education, Township Learning Division.

※ Regardless of the above, even if you can not always help as a staff, if there are people who can cooperate as a volunteer, it will be helpful if you can contact us.

Application / Contact
(Niseko Town Gymnasium)
Niseko Town Board of Education Townsman Learning Section Townsman Study Section (Okubo, Sato)

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