"Hokkaido Working Method Reform Promotion Company Certification System" About Recruitment of Logo Mark Design

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In Hokkaido, we devised measures to promote reform of working styles in Hokkaido with three main pillars: "Activities of diverse human resources", "Improvement of employment environment", "Productivity improvement" Promotion of efforts to reform workers in enterprises in Hokkaido "Hokkaido Working Reform Promotion Company Reform Promotion Company Certification System" was founded to promote voluntary initiatives by companies by creating a system whereby companies that tackle such work way reform will be evaluated socially It will be.
For that reason, logo mark designs that can be used by companies certified under this system are publicly invited, so please apply afterwards.

The recruitment period is from January 21, 201 to February 20, 2011 (postmarked on that day in the case of mailing)
Applicants of the adopted work (the first prize) will be awarded a certificate of 10,000 yen (for less than 20 years, a book card of 10,000 yen) as a certificate and a supplementary prize.

For details, please see the recruitment procedure below.
In case of application, please send directly to the following.

Labor Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hokkaido Employment Labor Affairs Division Working Direction Reform Promotion Office
Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Kita 3-cha West 6th Street 9th Floor


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