A painting of a future town that everyone thinks

Wanted information

Second Environmental Model Urban Action Plan The 3 rd Resident Information Presentation Meeting

I will draw the figure of Niseko Town

In this briefing session, we will consider everything about the current situation and problems of the town, troubles, and the future of Niseko town that resolved the anxiety.
The form of Niseko town you think about will be drawn in a way that is easy to understand with a method called Mr. Makihara, a lecturer, who will paint on the spot.

Outline of residents briefing session

Starting with the townspeople workshop on July 13, 2018, the formulation of the Second Environmental Model City Action Plan began.
Based on the opinion you received from the residents' briefing session in September and November, we are preparing drafts for the current plan.
For the paintings we are going to draw with you this time, I would like Niseko Town to put it in my plan as a "vision" aimed at the environmental model city action plan.
We are waiting for participation of townspeople who love Niseko town.

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