【Townspeaker briefing session】 We will hold "Toward the realization of a sustainable Niseko town".

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Secondary environmental model townspeaker briefing session on city action plan formulation

Niseko Town has been working towards the establishment of the Second Environmental Model City Action Plan for the realization of a sustainable city.
Based on the results of the townspeople 's workshop on July 13 and the townspeople' questionnaire, the plan of the initiative has been completed.
 On the day, Mr. Atsushi Murakami who studied the city planning of Vauvais residential area in Germany, Freiburg city which realized a sustainable residential area with consideration for energy use and high insulation etc. was invited as a lecturer and Niseko Town " I would like to think about what kind of efforts should be done in order to become a town.

※ Free of participation, application is unnecessary. Please do not hesitate to come.

· From September 12 (Wed), 6:00 pm on Heisei 30
· Central warehouse group Old starch factory


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