We are looking for Niseko tourism charm up business project

Wanted information

We support Niseko tourism events, events and events

Niseko Town we will create a tourist spot from a new perspective of private businesses and strengthen the cooperation system among the businesses in the town to form a more attractive tourist spot. To support businesses related to tourism promotion.

Currently, we are recruiting for recruitment in FY2003, so please submit relevant documentation if you wish.
Please check "Business outline" for details.

Subject recipient

A person who has an activity base in the town and also falls under any of the following items
  1. A guest
  2. Management operator of tourist facilities
  3. A carrier
  4. Travel agent
  5. Groups whose main members are those listed in 1 to 4 above
  6. Others who the town mayor deems appropriate

Subject business

Applicable to all of the following items
  1. New projects that utilize regional resources and are recognized as leading to the creation and appeal of new tourism resources or promotion of sightseeing promotion
  2. Soft business with considerable ripple effect on town economy such as tourism industry

Subsidy amount

Within 1 million yen per business, subsidy rate is within 4/5 (upper limit 500,000 yen)

Subject expenses

Repayment expenses, travel expenses, demand for expenses (expendable items, printing and binding, bribery materials)
Service fee (postage fee etc), commission fee, use fee and rent fee, raw material expenses

Subject Period

Heisei 30

Selection method

The business plan will be reviewed at the Niseko Town Tourism Strategy Conference, and the mayor will decide.

Application method

Please submit the business plan with the following contents.(Style Optional)
  1. Purpose and contents of the project
  2. Expected effect of project implementation
A Prospective number of people expected by creation of new tourism resources etc.
Ri Spillover effect on the economy of town (Procurement of goods, etc., explanation on related industries etc. which are expected to increase revenue due to project implementation)
Effects related to strengthening coordination structure among town operators
  1. Expenses required for business and its breakdown
  2. Business development after the following fiscal year
  3. Address of the representative of the organization, contact address such as name
  4. Terms of organizations etc.
  5. Other necessary documents, explanatory materials

Examples of adoption so far

  • Heisei 24 more Niseko "eating, eating, relaxing" Niseko's green tourism promotion project
  • Established Heisei 24 "artist acceptance program" project
  • Establishment of skateboard and bicycle entertainment facilities in Niseko Annupuri district in Heisei 20
  • Heisei 25th 5th Niseko Winter Music Festival 2014
  • Niseko Town restaurant activation business
  • Niseko Town Central District Revitalization Project
  • Heisei 20-way road revitalization project
  • Niseko Star Watching Contents Creation Project in Heisei 28
  • Heisei 28 year Niseko star festival 2016

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