Winter Hideyuki Fujikura Exhibition Part3

Winter Hideyuki Fujikura Exhibition Part3 Travel the scenery of Hokkaido. vol.2
Traveled for a long time.

A day trip or a small trip of 3 nights at most ...

I made a picture of the scenery I met there.

The landscape was not only in the tourist area.

The casual scenery was irreplaceable “Hokkaido in me”.

(Hideyuki Fujikura)

JR Hokkaido interior magazine "THE JR Hokkaido" cover picture and
We are familiar with many people with product package such as Rokkasho
This winter special exhibition by illustrator Hideyuki Fujikura.


A session

November 23, 2019 (Saturday, National Holiday)-March 15, 2020 (Sun)
* Closed on Mondays / Monday (Closed on the next day in case of a national holiday)


Niseko Town/ Arishima Memorial Special Exhibition Room


Viewable only with permanent exhibition fee

Permanent Exhibition Fee (Admission Fee) / General 500 Yen (Groups: 10 or More: 400 Yen) High School Student: 100 Yen
※ junior high school students following and 65 years of age or older of Niseko Town people is free
Annual passport (valid for one year): Adult 800 yen High school student 200 yen

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Hideyuki Fujikura Gallery Talk <Landscape Interview and Painting>
[Instructor] Hidekura Fujikura

[Date] February 1st, 2020 (Sat) 13:00 start (about 1 hour)
[Application] Not required

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