Siribeshi Museum Road joint exhibition Sunny and sometimes cloudy, partly snowy


For details, please see the leaflet from the link below.

There are no moving clouds, and fine weather may soon become cloudy.
And there is no rain or snow.
In this way, the weather is constantly showing up.
The artist was drawn to the work by being attracted to the ever-changing "insanity".
The works to be introduced at this joint exhibition are "Sunny, sometimes cloudy, depending on the place," forecast.
But you don't need rain gear.
Please prepare only for the heart to meet attractive works!

<Weather in Picasso> Arai Memorial Museum
<Snow, snow, snow> Arishima Memorial Museum
<Blue sky! > Ogawara Shun Memorial Museum
<Scenery with clouds> Kinjiro Kida Museum of Art
<This is a rough pattern> Nishimura Keio Memorial Museum

What is Shiribishi Museum Road?
"Shiribeshi Museum Road" linking 5 art museums and literary museums that are scattered in 4 towns in Hokkaido's post school. It is well-known as a drive course where you can enjoy unique facilities with a theme of regional artists, with a varied landscape from the mountain to the countryside and the sea.
Members: Arai Memorial Museum, Arishima Memorial Museum, Ogawara Minoru Memorial Museum, Kida Kinjiro Museum, Nishimura Kazuo Memorial Museum

Exhibition period

Saturday, July 13, 2019-Monday, September 23


・ Arai Memorial Museum of Art
Arishima Memorial Hall
・ Ogawara Minoru Memorial Museum of Art
・ Kinjiro Kida Museum of Art
Nishio Takeo Memorial Museum of Art


At the Arishima Memorial Hall, you can view it at the permanent exhibition room viewing fee only.
Permanent exhibition room viewing fee ... Adult 500 yen High school student 100 yen
* Free for junior high school students and younger and those aged 65 or older living in Niseko Town


Arai Memorial Art Museum, Arishima Memorial Hall, Ogawara Minoru Memorial Art Museum, Kida Kinjiro Art Museum, Nishimura Takeo Memorial Art Museum


Dojin Cultural Foundation, Shiribeshi Museum Road Promotion Council, Koshi Curator Liaison Committee

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Niseko Town Arishima Memorial Hall