Arishima Takeo "The Birth of Worrying" and Painter · Kinjiro Kida Niseko Exhibition


For details, please see the flyer from the link below.

【Takeshi Arishima "Troubled Birth" and Painter · Kinjiro Kida) over the Tokyo · Fuchu Art Museum and Sapporo · JR Tower will finally come to Niseko.

Exhibition period

Start on Friday, November 23
End on December 16 (Sunday)

exhibition hall

Arisima Memorial Museum Special Exhibition Room

Exhibition viewing fee

Permanent exhibition viewing fee only ... General / Adult 500 yen High school student 100 yen
(Niseko Town free of charge towards the people)
Annual passport / adult 800 yen High school student 200 yen


Arishima Takeo / Kida Kinjiro Project Executive Committee (Niseko Town/ Arishima Memorial Hall, Iwanai Town Kida Kinjiro Art Museum)
Touring exhibition "Publication 100 Years Commemoration Takeshi Arishima" The Birth Issues "and Painter · Kinjiro Kida Executive Committee


Arisima Memorial Hall Friends' Association "Town Fragrance Association"
Heisei's "birth trouble" executive committee


General Foundation Regional Creation

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