Hokkaido Shinkansen opening commemoration memorial - Great Railway Photography Exhibition Niseko Exhibition

We recently received the cooperation of Sapporo Station Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd., which operates "JR TOWER" adjacent to Sapporo station and "Sapporo Esuta Gallery Facility" JR TOWER PLANIS HALL ", which was held in spring of 2016 Hokkaido Shinkansen opening business memorial - big railway photo exhibition "will be held.
In commemoration of the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen in March of this year, this exhibition will apply regardless of landscape or snaps if it is a picture with railroads and its surroundings, such as railway landscape photographs in Hokkaido, snap pictures with railroad tracks We are looking for a work in a contest form that you can do. For the recruitment, the first division "Seikan" (Tsugaru Kaikyo Line, Seikan Connection Ship, Hokkaido Shinkansen), the second division "From Hakodate to Sapporo ~ Shinkansen Sapporo Stretching Looking" (Hakodate Main Line: Hakodate-Namba, Muroran Main Line: Chima Line: Numana Terminal - Naeho), the third department "Hokkaido - Nature and Railroad" is established.
Recruitment was held in the fall of last year, and a total of 729 works were received from all over the country including Hokkaido. And, as a result of rigorous review by railway photographer Kazuo Arakawa, photo writer, Yano Nao, one work of each Grand Prix and Second Prize Grand Prix, nine total of each category honorable mention, and total of ninety-nine winning works, total 90 A work exhibition was held at "JR TOWERPLANIS HALL". It was also a planning exhibition of the time when the excitement of the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen culminated with a climax, and many people were visiting during the exhibition.
Niseko Town, where this museum is located, is located on the Hokkaido Shinkansen Sapporo extension route scheduled for the end of 2030, and tunnel excavation work is currently underway in the town. We hope that holding this exhibition in the museum will help increase the momentum of opening a business in our town and in the Shishi area. Also, from the train running in the magnificent landscape of Hokkaido and the railroad walking with people's activities reflected in the work, everyone who saw the pleasure of traveling using the railroad, I hope we can drive you on a "train journey".
Last but not least, Sapporo Station Comprehensive Development Stock (Sapporo Station Comprehensive Developed Stock Co., Ltd.) We cooperated in organizing this tour, including you, everyone who was exhibited, Yoshio Arakawa, Naomi Yano, who was appointed for the review, I would like to express my gratitude to the company.

Simultaneous holding


Saturday, June 25, 2016 ~ October 10 (Monday · holiday)

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