Ayako Miura "Mother" and the work of director · Masao Moritomo

Novelist Ayako Miura [1922 (1911 Taisho 11 - 1999 (Heisei 11)) who produced works such as 'Freezing Point' and 'Saltari Pass' based on Hokkaido · Asahikawa, which projected faith as a Christian, ]. Miura's "Mother" passes through the mouth of Mr. Kobayashi Seki, the mother of 1903 (Meiji 36) - 1933 (Showa 8)], novelist Takeshi Kobayashi who has the Arisima Memorial Hall, This is a work that talks about Takiji's lifetime, and Kobayashi and Shiki's raging ayumi.

In the video documentary work that came close to the life of Takiji as the axis around this "mother" play, "Memory of life" 2008 · HBC production · 2008 Festival Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival TV category grand prize). Miharu Hisao [1934 (Showa 9 years) ~ 2010 (Heisei 22 years)] who worked on composition and directing of this work acted as a director from Hokkaido Broadcasting Corporation (HBC) in the early years of the television drama. The defense keeps asking oneself about something consistently something that drama works that can only be produced in Hokkaido constantly - "North drama" - creating works with a high level of appreciation while also looking at the social situation of that age It is. In addition, Miura's original "Hanane" (1969) was directed and deepened mutual friends.

In addition to the masterpiece "Ima no Machi" (1976), Mamoru went on to say, "Wakare" (1967), "Akane no Sora" (1980), "Cosmos" (1981), " (1984) and many other works are produced in the Shimpo area as a stage, and it is also director who works with Shimotsu.

In this exhibition, we will focus on Miura Ayako's work "Mother" and Miura Hisao who directed the Miura work and visualizing work that is familiar to him. At the same time, since 2012, organizing work is continued by volunteer Mori Kazuo exhibition with the cooperation of the defenders and keeping an important position in Hokkaido image history will be reviewed.

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[Date and time] Started 13:00 on Sunday, February 26, 2017
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[Appearance] Ando Chizuko (speech expression instructor / original · announcer Hokkaido Broadcasting)
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