[September 28th and October 6th] Considering Niseko's railway heritage


Former Shintokui Agency Group Chassis
Steam locomotive "9643"
Simple Orbit Makkari Line
Niseko Express

September 28, 2019 (Saturday)
Performances that consider railway heritage
Hokkaido simple railway
-A small railway that supported the development-

October 6, 2019 (Sun)
Lectures and events that consider railway heritage
Train model driving party that children can enjoy and real cab experience,
Niseko Express parts exhibition will also be held

This project is implemented using subsidies from the Regional Revitalization Center

Date and time

September 28, 2019 (Sat)
13:00 start
Lecture on railway heritage
Kushiro City Museum curator Takashi Ishikawa

October 6, 2019 (Sun)
13: 00- Event
"9643" shed & commutation stand commemoration ceremony

13: 30 ~ Description
Niseko Town Railway Heritage
Arishima Memorial Chief Curator Daisuke Ito

13: 50 ~ Lecture
Design and production of Niseko Express
―Development of express trains for Series 183 and 5000―
Former JR Hokkaido Naeho Plant Manager / Former Full-time Auditor Satoshi Sato

15: 10 ~ Lecture
Significance of the museum collecting railway heritage
Mr. Makoto Mochida, curator of Urahoro Town Museum

Exhibition planning
Panel exhibition "Simple orbit of Kushiro and Nemuro"
Cooperation, Kushiro City Museum

Kazuo Arakawa Photo Exhibition
Hokkaido winter
-Steam locomotive C62 Glory record-



September 28, 2019 (Sat)
Arisima Memorial Hall Art Hall

October 6, 2019 (Sun)
Niseko Warehouse Group No. 1 Warehouse

Exhibition planning
・ Panel exhibition "Simple orbit of Kushiro and Nemuro"
・ Yoshio Arakawa Photo Exhibition Hokkaido Winter-Steam Locomotive C62 Glory Record-

Both exhibitions are held at Arishima Memorial Hall


Free of charge, no application required
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Niseko Town Railway Culture Association


Niseko Town Arishima Memorial Hall

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