Reuse of the former site of Niseko Town"Old Arishima Suffolk Ranch" as a park space

For the site of the former Arijima Suffolk Ranch which is currently being used as a pasture harvest site, in order to enjoy the landscape and make it a park space loved by many people, we aimed at the town development lecture meeting and the residents of the townspeople in the Arima district While considering briefing sessions, I have repeated consideration.
This project is based on the fact that Niseko Town rents out land to individuals and corporations and uses it as a "private proposal / private operation type." Thing.

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The former Arishima Suffolk Ranch was opened in the neighborhood of the Arishima Memorial Museum in 1982 and sheep had been grazing and rearing.
Currently it is maintained as a grassland landscape located in the foreground of Mt. Yotei.

Location: Near Arishima 109, Niseko Town Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

Area: Approximately 3.56 hectares

Target location

Opinion acceptance deadline: Thursday, May 31,

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