Heisei's Birth Problems Contest 2018-2019

A novel "birth trouble" which is one of the representative works of novelist Arishima Takeo. This work is a novel that became a model that Kidaro Kida of young day who was worried whether to continue painting production, happened to find the residence of Arishima which was along Sapporo · Toyohira River, visited.
Kida, despite this encounter with fateful encounters, encourages Arishima's encounter, closely scrutinizes the paintings with deeply confronting the nature of his hometown and Iwanai.

"Heisei's" Birth Issues "Exhibition Niseko Touring Exhibition

In commemoration of 100 years from this interchange, "Heisei's" birth trouble contest "in Heisei was held, then held in 2012 and 2014, this time will be held for the fourth time. This contest consists of Arishima Memorial Museum and Kidjiro Kida Museum that honors Arijima and Kida respectively, a village of Hokkaido exploitation where houses that were two meeting places were transferred, Arishima lived last in Sapporo in Sapporo The Sapporo Arts Forest, which is being relocated, holds solid cultural facilities deeply related to this novel, and inherits the spirit of both writers to the present age.
This contest covers the age of 35 and the biggest feature is that in addition to the work, the texts such as the idea of ​​the work produced by young artists and the troubles related to production and announcement are also subject to screening. this thing

Qualification requirements

Artists and students of "Under 35 years of age who produce artworks" at "Hokkaido residence" or "Hokkaido origin"

Application flow

Entry sheet entries and photos of works submitted


Notice of winning

Work carry in

Traveling exhibition
  1. Please download the entry sheet from the following website.
    "Kida Kinjiro Art Museum" official website (http://www.kidakinjiro.com/)
  2. Method of sending photographs of entry sheet and work entered
    1. In the case of mailing (deadline: must arrive on March 11, 2018)
    - Fill out the necessary information on the entry sheet, enclose the work photograph, and send it to the following below.
    Iwanai-cho, Iwanai-gun, Hokkaido 045-0003 51-3 Kanjiro Kida Museum of Art
    Note: The size of the photo is L size (89 mm × 127 mm) or more and A4 size (297 mm × 210 mm) or less.
    Note: Be sure to fill in your name, work name and size on the back of the photo.

    2. E-mail (Deadline: must arrive on March 11, 2018)
    - Attach the entry sheet data and work image data with necessary items entered, and send it to the following.
    Note: Images are sent with JPEG data within 1.5 MB (maximum 3 points).
    Note: The title of the data should be the title of the work. Also, the size of the work should be described in the body of the mail.
  3. Notes on entry / delivery
    · Photographs / images of works attached to the entry sheet are allowed to include 3D works and installations, but always include planar works. Also, regarding the photographs and images, they are deemed to have accepted the publication in the catalog etc.
    · Those who passed the selection must exhibit (1 point) planar works of 100 cm in length and width and 10 cm in thickness and 10 kg in weight (including the frame) for exhibitions.
    · There is no matter whether the work is released or unpublished as long as it is a work appropriate for introducing the artist 's thought and production. When restrictions are imposed on the use of photographs, images, etc. of works / works, entering with approval for use in this project.
    · When you want to organize works with multiple small items, please consult the exhibition method.
    · The work and amount should be able to withstand transportation, examination, exhibition work and so on.
    The organizer is not responsible for accidents or damage during transfer.
    · All expenses related to loading and unloading, such as transportation fee (for the destination, separately to the winner) shall be borne by the exhibitor. Bringing in is also possible.
    Movement between visiting venues shall be done by the organizer.
    · Depending on the exhibition hall, we may request the exhibition of multiple works apart from the prize-winning works (For the transportation costs other than the prize-winning works, the exhibition hall burden).
    · Carriage contractor's arrangement should be done at exhibitor's responsibility. There is no designated trader.
    Please contact the winner separately for the transfer acceptance date.


Arishima Memorial Hall
〒048-1531 57 Arishima, Niseko Town Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

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