Corporate support

In Niseko Town and Hokkaido, we are implementing various measures to support companies.

On the extension of the designated period of Safety Net Guarantee No. 4 due to the Eastern Chikyu Earthquake

As of September 19, the total of 179 municipalities in Hokkaido was designated as the designated area of Safety Net Guarantee No. 4, but the designated period of 29 municipalities in Hokkaido including Niseko Town is due March 18, It was extended until the day.

The target of Safety Net Guarantee No. 4 after the designated extension is a small business operator etc. that falls under any of the following requirements.
(1) To continue the project for one year or more in designated areas
(2) Due to the occurrence of the recent disasters, in principle, after receiving the influence of the disaster, the sales for the last month have decreased by more than 20% compared with the same month of the previous year in principle, It is expected that sales of 3 months including including those of the previous year will decrease by 20% or more from the same period of the previous year

For details, please check the following.

Disaster recovery fund About credit guarantee fee subsidy delivery

Due to the direct or indirect damage caused by the earthquake disaster in Hokkaido Eastern Earthquake of Heisei 30, since small and medium-sized enterprises in Hokkaido have been heavily influenced, this time, with the credit guarantee, the fund for small and medium enterprises promotion funds (for the Ballistic Eastern Earthquake Disaster We created a subsidy system for small and medium-sized enterprises etc. who use such management environment change lending "disaster recovery"), and the delivery outline was established.

For details, please refer to "Disaster recovery support credit guarantee fee" below.

Safety net warranty system

We will support small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to industries whose business conditions are deteriorating.
  • Safety net loans can be used regardless of industry.
  • For all industries, you can use up to 480 million yen for small and medium enterprises and 48 million yen for small companies.
  • We are also planning to cut interest rates on those with severe business conditions.
  • Special lending is also planned at Nippon Policy Finance Corporation and Chugoku Shinko Bank.
For details, please check the website of Small and Medium Business Administration Agency

Please pay attention to recruitment / mediation pretending to help

Recently, nationwide, small and medium enterprises as a target are solicited by small and medium enterprises by fax or direct mailing, such as soliciting and mediating utilization of medium-sized enterprise bankruptcy mutual aid (management safety net) and emergency guarantee system Please pay attention to transfer fraud etc. which pretended to help the trader.
  • In order to receive loans and guarantees, there are cases in which membership fee, annual fee fee, guarantee fee, etc. are transferred.
  • If you join a union related to SMEs you can make advantageous asset management. There are examples of making unreasonable solicitations such as.
For details, please check Homepage of Hokkaido or Homepage of Small and Medium Business Administration Agency.

Niseko Town SME Special Financing System

In Niseko Town, we provide financing for businesses to promote the promotion of small and medium enterprises in the town and the rationalization of management.
Businesses who wish to make a loan should submit an application form for borrowing and necessary documents to Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce. For details about the system, please contact the Niseko Machi Chamber of Commerce, or the Niseko Town Commerce and Commerce and Tourism Division.

Contents of SME Special Loan

Loan limit· Working capital 2 million yen
· Facility fund 2 million yen
Note: However, the sum of both funds is limited to one company 3 million yen
Lending period· Working capital within 2 years
· Equipment funds within 2 years
Lending interest rate (annual interest)· Within 2 years 3.00% or less
· Within 3 years 3.25% or less
Collateral and guarantorCollateral is necessary in principle. However, in cases where it is inevitable, it is possible to exempt collateral by attaching more than two solid guarantors with certainty
Guarantee chargeAfter repaying the loan amount, we will subsidize the guarantee fee by applying from the principal (repayment certificate is necessary)
Object of loanIt is for business operators who satisfy one of the following requirements and fully pay the town tax
· A corporation or individual business entity whose number of regular employees is 30 or less, who has independent business establishments (stores) in the town and who continues to operate the same business for more than one year. However, excluding businesses of the sex business that received permission from the Hokkaido Public Safety Commission
· It meets the above requirements (excluding the proviso) and is a business enterprise of sex business that got permission of the Hokkaido Public Safety Commission (various dishes mainly serving meal, oden shop, sushi shop, soba shop etc) , When the use of funds is used for installation or remodeling of equipment required for public health such as kitchen facilities or when it is used for expenses to operate those facilities

To small and medium-sized enterprises

In addition to the loan system that the town is doing, we also provide financing for small and medium enterprises in Hokkaido. Also, in Hokkaido, we have established a contact point for small business start-up and business consultation so that small and medium-sized enterprises can be used to stabilize the management, so please feel free to use them

Financial consultation desk (loan etc.)

In Hokkaido, loans are provided to small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. through the window of commercial banking institutions such as banks, credit unions and credit unions. Pamphlets introducing the loan system Hokkaido is conducting are handling financial institutions, Niseko Chamber of Commerce, Niseko Town Commerce and Tourism Division, Hokkaido Credit Assurance Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shogi Branch Office Commercial Working Tourism Section, Otaru Commerce and Industry Labor Office, Since it is prepared by the agency commerce and finance division, please use it.
  • We also have a loan system at the National Life Finance Corporation, Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Corporation, and Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union Bank of Japan. If you are considering using it, please consult the nearest Finance Bank.

SME Business Management Consultation Office

In Hokkaido, small business management counseling office is established in various places, please use.
ILocation· Ministry of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry Division
· Shimpei branch office commerce and labor tourism department
· Otaru Commerce and Industry Labor Office
Utilisation times8:45 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays
  • Small business management counseling office is also accepting information on "credit crunch and lending cancellation" conducted by financial institution

An announcement concerning employment measures in Hokkaido

Due to the rapid economic downturn triggered by global financial instability, the employment situation of irregular workers, new graduates, etc. is facing a tough situation. In Hokkaido, we hold "Hokkaido Economic and Employment Measures Headquarters Meeting" to provide information such as benefits for businesses trying to protect employment.

For details, please visit the Hokkaido homepage.

Subcontract Kamikomi Temple Business

In the country, in order to improve the environment where fair transactions are secured among companies, with the aim of ensuring thorough dealing of transactions, in response to such factors as the further deterioration of the business environment of small and medium enterprises due to recent high raw material prices , "Subcontract Kakomi Temple" has been established.
Counselors who have knowledge on the subcontractor law and transaction problems of small and medium enterprises, etc. will respond to consultation etc. of enterprises in Hokkaido that have troubles on transactions free of charge. We will accept a wide range of consultations on transactions of SMEs and give appropriate advice. We will strictly adhere to the secrets of the contents of consultation, so please feel free to use it.

Consultation desk

Window opening dateEvery Friday (except holidays, New Year's holidays)
· In case of hurry, we will adjust the schedule and we will respond.
Reception time9: 00-17: 00
Consultation deskFoundation Hokkaido Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center
locationSapporo-shi Chuo-ku 1-chome West 2-chome Economic Center 9th Floor
TEL:011-232-2407 (direct)
Those who wish to consult please contact the consultation counter in advance in order to adjust the schedule of the counselor.

Rapid dispute settlement

In order to quickly and easily solve conflicts related to transactions held by small and medium enterprises, we handed over to "Subcontract Kamikomi Temple Headquarters" (Association for Small and Medium Enterprises Transaction Promotion, foundation), and using dispute resolution outside the judiciary (ADR) Registered attorneys will carry out mediation procedures etc. in the vicinity of SMEs.

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