National pension

Please refer to the website of the Japan Pension Organization for procedures such as the Employees' Pension and National Pension Plan.

What is the National Pension Plan?

The National Pension System is a system created with the intention of giving money and individuals to share money and help each other in preparation for old age life and unforeseen circumstances.Everyone living in Japan and aged 20 to 60 is obliged to join,By paying insurance fee you can receive basic pension from 65 years old.


The first insured person
  • Self-employed persons aged between 20 and 60 who live in Japan · Agriculture, forestry and fishery · unemployed · student
    (No. 2 insured person, No. 3 insured person)
  • Enrollment procedures are performed at the Niseko Town Office.

No. 2 insured person
  • Persons who are members of the Employees' Pension Insurance or Mutual Aid Association (employees, public officials, etc.)
  • The affiliation procedure is done by the office.

No. 3 insured person
  • Spouse who is 20 years old and under 60 years who are dependent on the second insured
  • The spouse's work place will do the joining procedure.
Optional subscribers (those who can join if desired)
The following persons can arbitrarily join the National Pension by request.
  • Japanese living overseas 20 years old and under 65
  • Person receiving old-age (retirement) pension under 60 years old
  • People who are 60 years old or older and under 65 years old who are not eligible for eligibility for basic elderly pension or those who want to bring annual amounts closer to full
  • Those born before April 1, 1954 and who do not meet the eligibility period of old-age basic pension at the time of full age 65 (From 65 years old to 70 years old, voluntarily enroll until the eligibility criteria for old-age basic pension is satisfied can do.)
  • Enrollment procedures are performed at the Niseko Town Office.

When making a notification

  • Be sure to bring your pension notebook during the procedure. If you do not have a basic pension number printed on it, or you can carry out a person identification (such as a license or my number card).
  • If the substitute person comes to the procedure, please also bring something that can proof of the proxy.

When joining

When becoming 20 years old (excluding welfare pension and mutual aid association subscribers)
Required items: seal

When joining

When I retire by the age of 60
What you need: Pension notebook, seal, document that understands the company's retirement date

When your employee's pension or your mutual aid sponsored by a mutual aid association are no longer dependent
Necessary items: pension book, seal, document that understands the day off from dependency

When the address changes (at the time of transfer)
Required items: pension book, seal

When the first insured person lost the pension notebook
Required items: seal

When the first insured died
Necessary thing: pension notebook of deceased person, stamp etc

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