When disposing of rubbish, please ensure to follow the rules for its disposal. Separate waste into burnables, non-burnables, organic waste, recyclables, bulk waste and other waste, and put the rubbish out at one of the waste collection points located in each district of the town before 8:00AM on collection days. Burnables, non-burnables and organic waste must be put into designated prepaid plastic bags. Please purchase these bags at retailers in Niseko Town. (Niseko Town bags are different from Kutchan Town bags.) Opaque black bags cannot be used for waste collection.
From March 2015 the burnable waste categories will change. Disposable nappies (diapers), feminine hygiene products, and pet toilet sanitary sheets will fall under the new category of "sanitary waste".
Click the following link for an illustrated guide to garbage separation and disposal in Niseko Town

Waste that is not collected by the town

Hazardous waste including wheels and tires of cars and motorcycles, old batteries, waste oil, cans with paint in them, agrichemicals, propane cylinders, drums, household kerosene talks, fire extinguishers and agricultural machinery are not collected by the town. Please ask retailers of these products or special collection agents to arrange for their disposal.

Home Appliance Recycling Act

TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners cannot be put out as waste by law. It is also prohibited to put out PCs (main units and monitors) as waste as per the Act for the Promotion of the Effective Utilization of Resources. Ask manufacturers and distributors to collect them for recycling (this is a charged service)

Domestic waste - collection days vary between different districts in the town

Classification and typeFrequencyDisposal methodChargeNotes
BurnablesOnce a weekDesignated Niseko garbage bag (purchased from stores in Niseko)Charged-
NonburnablesOnce a month-
Organic wasteTwice a week-
CansOnce a weekTransparent bagFreeSteel/aluminum
Glass bottlesBeverage bottles, etc.
Tetra packsTied with stringTetra packs that are not coated in aluminum
Plastic "PET" bottlesTransparent bag-
Styrofoam and foam traysMade of polystyrene foam
Plastic containers and packaging-
Paper containers and packaging-
Newspapers and leafletsWhite paper bagNewspapers and leaflets can be mixed
Mixed paper-
Hazardous waste (items including mercury)Once a month (last recyclables collection day of the month)Transparent bagFlourescent tubes/mercury thermometers
Other waste (dry-cell batteries, lighters)Dry-cell batteries/lighters
Bulk (large) wasteAs needed-ChargedIndividual collection by licensed private collecters


Regarding waste

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 Life Environment Section, Citizen's Life Division

For inquiries in English

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 Planning and Environment Division