Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. supplies power in Niseko Town. The voltage is 100V or 200V, the frequency is 50Hz and the outlet jack point is type A. When you start to use electricity, please ensure that you fill in the details on the postcard that is at your residence or place of business (this is a prepaid postcard). When you have completed filling in the details, post this back to the Hokkaido Electric Power Co. When you have finished using the electricity and wish to terminate your contract with the power company, contact the Hokkaido Electric Power Co. Inc. Financial settlement and payments can be made at designated financial institutions by cash or by direct payment (if this service is set up).

When starting use of electricity

Please ensure that you flip the switches on the main breaker board. There should be a main switch and individual switches for each section of the dwelling or commercial premises.

If the lights go out during use

This is probably due to excessive use of electricity (exceeding the designated wattage of your property). Turn off the appliances in use and flip the breaker switches again.


For inquiries in English

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 Planning and Environment Division