When people move to Niseko Town with a dog or get a new dog, they must register their pet with the Niseko Town Council. In Japan, pet dogs 91 days or older are obliged to be registered and must be vaccinated against rabies once a year. A notice that the annual rabies vaccination is due is sent to registered dog owners. If you have a new dog or if you have forgotten to have your dog vaccinated, please take it to the nearest veterinarian for vaccination as soon as possible. Please note that the town requires pet owners to register the death of their dog with the Town Council and also register when they move to or from Niseko Town.

Pet registration

Handling fee-
Dog registration3,000 yen (once in its life)
Issuance of a rabies vaccination completed tag550 yen
Reissuance of a dog license1,600 yen
Reissuance of a rabies vaccination completed tag340 yen
・If you have a new dog, your dog dies or you move into or out of Niseko Town, you have to go through the above procedures


Regarding pets and registration

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 Life Environment Section, Citizens Life Division

For inquiries in English

Niseko Town Council Tel. 0136-44-2121 Planning and Environment Division